The 3Q Project

Project Summary

  • World class asset base on the top three metrics:
    • Top 5 largest lithium brine deposit in the world.
  • Top 3 highest lithium brine grade in the world.
  • Lowest combined sulfate and magnesium impurities worldwide.
  • FS results show after tax NPV8% of over US$1.1B and 40% IRR.
  • Located in the lithium triangle, where over 40% of the global lithium is produced.
  • Neo Lithium controls 100% of the project and the salar basin.
  • No inhabitants or aboriginal communities in the area.
  • Fully permitted up to construction.
  • Tax Stability Agreement granted by Federal Government for 30 years.
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    Work completed to 2021


    Location and Access

    Hosted in the mining friendly Catamarca Province, the largest and oldest Lithium producing province in Argentina.

    Located at 4000 meters above the sea level, 30kms from the Chilean border, with direct road access to pacific ports by highway and to Atlantic ports through highways and railroad.

    The closest population centre to the Project is the town of Fiambalá, Argentina (population 5,000), located 100 km east of the Project.

    Resource and Reserves

    Mt LCE
    Measured and indicates resources
    Mt LCE
    Inferred Resources
    Mt LCE
    Proven and Probable Reserves
    mg/l Lithium
    Average grade over the first 10 years of production.
    mg/l Lithium
    Average grade from 10 to 20 years of production.
    mg/l Lithium
    Average grade in 35 years of production.

    Large throughput and/or mine life expansion capabilities: 32% or resources used.

    The resources go down to over 647 m depth in most of the deposit but reserves only go down to the upper aquifer in the shallow 100 metres depth.

    Plenty of upside to increase reserves on the large, inferred resource at depth.

    Northern High-grade zone allows to start production at higher grade with smaller ponds (lower Capex) and move south to lower grade over time.

    Year Brine Volume
    Average Li concentration (mg/l) Li metal (tonnes) LCE (tonnes) M&I Resources (%)
    1 3.3 1,177 1,113 2,542 5,923 13,526 0.5%
    2-10 73 1,000 21,549 44,038 114,642 234,282 9%
    11-20 101 841 20,211 53,472 107,524 284,472 10%
    21-35 183 670 18,694 81,513 99,453 433,651 13%
    Total 35
    years production**
    360 790 61,600 182,000 328,000 966,000 32%
    1- The Mineral Reserve Estimate has an effective date of May 7, 2019 as the NI 43-101 Preliminary Feasibility Study.
    2- The Mineral Reserve Estimate was supported by a numerical groundwater flow and transport model constructed with Finite Element code (FEEFLOW)
    3- The Model was calibrated to quasi steady state conditions.
    4- Reserve Estimates numbers have been rounded.
    5- Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE) is calculated using mass of LCE = 5.3228 multiplied by the mass of Lithium Metal.

    Pond Pilot Plant

    Production scale pilot evaporation ponds in production for almost 5 years in ponds at 1:1000 scale from 2016 to 2018 and 1:600 scale from 2018 to 2021.
    The company is now increasing the pond capacity by 20% and changing the design based on the experienced gathered so far.

    Evaporation proven to produce up to 3.6% Li concentrated brine in less the one year.

    Very low impurities – no consumption of reagents, resulting in lower cost to operate than other brines.

    Automated thickeners remove calcium chloride with physical parameters monitoring 24/7.

    Lithium Carbonate Pilot Plant

    1:500 scale pilot plant in operation for over one year

    Process improved from the original PFS

    Battery grade already achieved

    Simplified, Innovative 6 steps process

    Lithium Carbonate Production

    Battery grade lithium carbonate with 99.799% purity achieved.

    14 batches of lithium carbonate produced thus far.

    Next steps include continuous batch production.

    Consultation with battery producers (CATL and others) for impurity threshold and product certification are ongoing.

    3Q Process

    Educational Videos