The Next Major Lithium Discovery


The Next Major Lithium Discovery

We are on the cusp of a global green energy revolution that will require efficient high-capacity energy storage solutions. The significant developments and growth in Lithium batteries for portable applications, electric vehicles and large scale battery applications make Lithium a proven solution. The Lithium industry faces the challenge to keep up with increasing consumption but very few new discoveries have been made in the last 30 years and even fewer mines have been put in to production recently

Tres Quebradas (3Q) is the most recent high-grade lithium brine lake and salar complex Discovery in the Lithium Triangle

COMPany highlights

  • Experienced board and management focused on the Lithium sector
    • CEO, Waldo Perez, was the original founder and past CEO of Lithium Americas

    • Chairman, Constantine Karayannopoulos was the director of Lithium Americas and an original founder of Neo Materials, now Molycorp

    • Board and management members have strong experience in business development and capital markets

  • Strong cash position, 100% financed to Lithium Carbonate PEA

  • Positive trends in both Lithium and Argentina

    • Lithium prices have tripled since 2003 and continue to rally with Lithium demand expected to double to ~375ktpa of LCE by 2020

    • New Argentina President Mauricio Macri has had a positive effect on the economy and mining






  • The 3Q Project is a salar and brine reservoir complex that that extends for over 160 Km²

    • 100% ownership of the entire salar complex

    • The Project is fully permitted for the two year work program, and environmental baseline has already started

    • Brine reservoirs are "lakes" filled with hipersaline lithium bearing brine (not fresh water)

    • The 3Q Project is the only known project in South America with open lithium brine reservoirs

  • Neo Lithium has identified a northern target with a high grade Lithium zone with the lowest combined impurities of any known salar

    • Footprint extends for 20 km by 5 km

    • Depths range from 100m - 300m

  • The 3Q Project is located in Catamarca Province, the largest Lithium producing province in Argentina

    • Only 30km away from the Maricunga salar in Chile, with direct road to Chilean ports

    • Located at 4,090 masl

    • No inhabitants or aboriginal communities

  • Positive results on final engineering reports from Novigi Ltd. and Celimin on Lithium brine process studies

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